Tagged yang di suruh oleh kawan ku !

1. If you are in relationship now, who's your boyfriend/girlfriend? if no, who's your crush?:

-haha my crush? ehem ehem *adelee

2. Teacher (s) in your school you hate the most?:
- takde kut,semua okay! :D

3. Still virgin? *LoL what kind of question is this -..-*:
- err of course lerr -______-

4. Now, please imagine a person who will be your future husband/wife. what's his/her name?:
- err only Allah knows :D

5. How many children you want? How many boy (s) and/or girl (s)?:
- 2 children only one boy and one girl

6. What you'll say when you are proposing your crush?:
- im a girl so he will propose me ,not mine.

7. Your favorite cartoon?:
-Barney and Friends

8. Do you love me?:
-haha, yeaw love you friend!

9. Where will your marriage event take place?:
-hurm near the lake

10. Your ambition?:
- CEO of Islamic Banking wanna be :D

11. Your biggest secret? LoL jkjk. Who's your best friend?:
- Amir Aqil and Ainur Afiqa :D

12. Do you often read my blog?:

- err , when boring , visitla! :D haha