Birthday Danish Haziq ! 7 Years old Already!

Assalamualaikum my dear blog (: okay today na update pasal birthday haziq ! budak comel my adik no.3 . He already 7 years old and special about my bro is when he turns to speak, he will speak like matured guy already! Seriously! even we all at home , will call him "KUNG FU PANDA" haha. sangat cerewet orang nye! T__T and he is straight forward person, he too honest . so kat rumah ramai yang pernah terasa apa keluar dr mulut dia. HAHA *even our Maid ! haha.
So semlm we all celebrate at McDonald *sbb dia na sgt , kami na makan kat Kenny Rodgers T__T.
okay this is some sweet moment ! :

Me with Danish Haziq

Nisa And Haziq

My dear Parents

My mom and my lil bro Danial Harith