Semester 4 Break!

* Comel kan kan , alolololo ! haha , anyway dah cuti semester it was pretty awesome because
holiday without BOOKS , hahah ! okay plan cuti practise piano again,kelas sewing doodles ,
Shopping end Christmas kat ZARA til 80% woo! 25th nie! boleh beli jacket for preparing
to Amsterdam! haha, memang terbaik timing, ouh yea then fyi, i had already delete my fb ,
so sorry to say i really pissed off about my fb , cuz is totally bored since one of my friend
are not there anymore so both of us using tweet only if nak follow, just follow @tiehaazhar
haha, it is more easier on thru hp,and dont worry for my buddy yang sebok bagai nak BB pin
ye ye sem depan mmg tukar from samsung thru BB torch, bosan gune samsung! ingt na iPhone but
rethink about it later on. (: n at here, i take a chance to say apologise to all my friend
for those yang pernah terasa sentap bagai okay. sorry, and kadang2 one of my action ade
reason.kadang2 aku suka simpan so malas na cakap nnt perhaps she/he sedar2 sendiri , but
it doesnt mean i doesnt care bout you okay, really care as usual. ouh yea omgee , i miss my
bubu yang currently dkt russia, dia di bawa oleh NR one of my friend cuz i already gave him
to take care my bubu omgee rindu kau laa Bubu dulu selalu tdoqq kat aku kan. haha.
*Belagak kau sekarang dah stay russia. HAHAHA. k til here. adioss , salam :D *much love <3