Finish My 5th sem

Yea done with my final , and it feels so good ! :P
ahaha Alhamdulillah complete my 5th sem then proceed to 6th sem after this one year left than after this insyaALLAH heading to Aussie amiin , doa banyak for that scholarship , Amiin :) 
Now break sem, just internet, novel, russian language lesson, then SHOPPING *sikit ja duit dah BROKE . haha. i wish he back to malaysia right now ! bored dude, wanna hang together ouh man ! --' haha i wish he can study at IIUM too dekat sikit T_T hahaha . okay , naik je sem baru i have to struggle hard cuz i had already registered Introduction finance,Business LAW, and Quality Management! whoaaaa ! :) hope it will great AMIIN !