Assalamualaikum !
heww, yeay! the title shown that im happy ,not because i`m getting married but my sista Fatin Nordin . She was incredible sista that always accompany me at campus and being my DR.Love , haha and also abang Aisar which is her husband, he was my 2nd Dr. Love. Both of them decided to get married , and follow properly the sunnah and the guideline that have been thought in Islam. How could i describe, for sure that feeling will be the enlightening moment that they face on, just after that Ijab . BarakaALLAH , for both of you ! Wedding reception ,is massive crowded with thousands of people, but as long as im happy meet her and abang aisar, and also others . yeay! Only can snapped 2 pictures because of a lots of people want to snapped too, (* argghh , korang sebok) hahaha, ignore it. I`m pray for happiness in your new life, and always in blessing from ALLAH S.W.T. *hahaha , and yesterday during sis fatin reception i received two more invitation card from my friend , okay they will get married soon, whoaa!  *please dont ask me when ur turn tieha, okay im dying with all that question* hahaha. 

Sister Fatin Nordin 

Yes , it was me ! *jeritjerit! haha -..- 
okay i love you sister fatin , you look so cute with that dress. hwaaa, *jeles mendadak T_T